All donations made to the Hudson City Lions benefit our Blind and Deaf Charities

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Camp Marcella


 Camp Marcella is a camp for blind children from NJ. It is located in Marcella, NJ. Every year the Hudson City Lions, along with most NJ Lions Clubs, donate funds to help run the camp and spend time every spring getting the camp ready for the upcoming camping season.

Camp Marcella is the facility designed and owned by the NJ Camp for Blind Children (NJCBC) incorporated, a non-profit organization started in 1947. At that time a casual type of camp facility existed, but to many parents it lacked the advantages of a complete camping experience. So NJCBC began recruiting the right people for the right job. With the physical work and contributions of over 1300 organizations and individuals including the Lions clubs of New Jersey , Camp Marcella opened its gates that very summer, and has been going strong since!

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