New Jersey Lions District 16A Charitable Foundation

Multiple District 16 is New Jersey, in the world of Lions Clubs International.  New Jersey is divided into five districts, A, B, C, D & E. District 16A is comprised of all the clubs and its members in Bergen, Hudson and Passaic Counties.  (All Lions in 16A are members of the Charitable Foundation)

In 1971, the Clubs in the District approved the establishment of the New Jersey Lions District 16A Charitable Foundation.  It was so incorporated in 1971 as a non-profit organization for literacy or educational & scientific purposes and to receive, administer and distribute funds exclusively for charitable purposes.  The foundation is a 501(c) 3 organization with the IRS.
The District Governor and 13 Past District Governors were the original trustees.  The first official meeting, the Organizational meeting held in September of 1971, was comprised of the President and 27 Trustees, 3 Lions from each Region, (yes, 9 Regions then!).

Over the years, the Foundation grew with its original goals unchanged.

Since its inception, the Foundation has dispersed a half million in grants to needy organizations.  These are requests that could not be fully provided by individual clubs. No money is given for salaries or other intangible items.  Grants are given for tangible items that can be used by many people.  Grants are not given to individuals.

With the needs of organizations and State Sponsored Lion projects ever increasing, so are the grant requests that are presented annually to the Charitable Foundation for consideration. It is a rare occasion that a properly requested grant is turned down.  The full amount requested may not be granted, but in most cases a substantial donation is awarded.

The goal of the Foundation is to continue to provide help wherever and whenever we are asked for support.

The District 16A Charitable Foundation still exists with the representation from each Region.  Trustees are elected each year for four-year terms.  Appointments are also made by the Governor.  All officers and trustees serve on a volunteer, unpaid basis.